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GENEZIX CAPITAL is a young independent investment group. We specialize in financial markets, and we are experts in this industry. We help you to make the right investment decisions.

A key area of our company is working with private investors.

The main functions of GENEZIX CAPITAL are investment diversification and management of investment portfolio, which includes stocks of various issuers and other types of stock instruments.

Ready-made investment solutions with a reliable broker. There is no hidden commission.

Would you like to get a 30% return on investment? Or 100%? Or even more? Then join the innovative service of an international financial company, invest in shares of more than 20 iconic companies and trade on financial markets. Choose the right instruments and get practically unlimited profitability.

The main value of the company is the trust of customers. From the first day of work, we create new products and provide you with working tools to make a profit.

How do investments work?

Very simple and fast!


Promote the development of investment in Uzbekistan and create favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment in the economy.


Increase the welfare of Uzbek,  and foreign investors by applying European practice.


European traditions in asset management help us develop investment products with optimum returns.


The art of private wealth management

Trust management

Depending on the objectives of each individual client, we change the parameters of investment products, selecting for him/her the best ideas that meet exactly his/her needs. We form each offer individually, and our established relationships with international counterparties allow us to do it on the most favorable terms for the investor.

1. Goal setting. You determine the expected return, currency, and investment term, we determine your acceptable risk level and suggest a strategy that suits your investment profile.

2. Portfolio formation. Once a suitable strategy has been selected, we form an individual portfolio in accordance with your priorities and objectives.

3. Professional work. All investment decisions are made by the manager, who acts within the goals that you have set.

4. Management control. You receive a regular report on the portfolio’s performance.

Brokerage service

1. International service quality standards

2. Maximum speed of transactions

3. Working in the world’s leading financial markets

4. Operations with a wide range of assets

Permanent information and technical support for the investor and individual recommendations in accordance with the client’s risk profile and preferences.

We regularly provide our clients with market analysis and select individual recommendations for each investor.

Depository service

1. Accounting and certification of ownership of securities.

2. Maintaining a separate depo account of a depositor.

3. Accounting and certification of transfers of securities, including cases of encumbrance of securities. 

4. Registration as a nominal holder of clients' securities in the register of holders of registered securities or with another depository.

5. Maintaining depo accounts for different categories of depositors: owners, trustees, nominee holders.

6. Services to help stockholders exercise their rights under securities: representing the interests of the client at general meetings of shareholders (by proxy), receiving dividends, income, and other payments on securities.

7. Prompt provision of information from issuers and registrars, including transmission of voting ballots and other documents (information) required for participation in general meetings of the issuer’s shareholders.

8. Transactions with foreign securities.

9. Conducting corporate actions.

10. Assignment of CFI codes to foreign securities (via the central depository)

The depository ensures the confidentiality of information about the person to who a depo account is opened, as well as information about such an account and operations on it.

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Foreign Enterprise Limited Liability Company "GENEZIX CAPITAL" (Abbreviated name: FE LLC "GENEZIX CAPITAL")

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): 308686604

Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent 100000, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, Mustakillik avenue, 75.


Phone +998900495777

Telegram /WhatsApp +998900495777